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Christmas in Cracow

Cracow just loves Christmas. Every year, the city is beautifully illuminated and in many places, there are dedicated and topical Christmas fairs.

The biggest of them all is organized every single year in the Main Square area. While browsing through numerous wooden stalls, you will be granted the opportunity of purchasing hand-made Christmas decorations and other intriguing items.

You will find something for your body and your soul there. By paying few Zlotys, you will be able to try traditional Polish meals, such as sauerkraut-and-meat stew, dumplings, and grilled sausage. When it comes to drinks, there is always the possibility of trying local mulled wine poured directly from wooden kegs.

What can i buy on christmas fairs?

Stalls in question also offer their customers various types of gingerbread, wooden goods, manually colored baubles, ceramics, linen-based products, as well as woolen and leather ones.
Christmas fairs typically start at the end of November and last till 26th of December. Stalls are open from 11 A.M. to the evening. We highly recommend visiting them after midday, as then they look even more stunning thanks to festive lighting.
It has to be indicated however that fairs are not only about commerce. Tourists and inhabitants of the city may also choose to enjoy performances on the local stage (on Sunday evenings), on which folk bands and children sing Christmas Carrols and play seasonal songs.
If you want to truly experience the magic of Christmas, you have to be there with us!

Have a look on Christmas Fair in Cracow  on 2016

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