Dumplings (pierogis)

Pierogi - dumplings

What pierogi are?

Dumplings (pierogi in polish) are considered to be one of the most typical Polish dishes. They are basically rolled out bits of dough with various fillings and manually closed edges having the shape of a valance.

When it comes to fillings, most typical ones are meat-based (beef or pork-beef combination), cheese, mushrooms or grits.

Currently, one may also try dumplings with fruit filling, as well as with spinach and lentils. A healthier version of dumplings, made out of full grain flour, is also becoming more and more popular in the country.


Formerly, dumplings were made in every single household. Nowadays, it is a rarity, as dumplings are troublesome to make. Nevertheless, our ones are homemade, as those are undoubtedly the best. It has to be stated, that in restaurants, handmade dumplings are gradually becoming less and less available.


How pierogis are served

Dumplings are in the majority of cases served in one of two ways. The most popular are the boiled ones, which are taken directly from boiling water and garnished with onions, butter, or pork scratchings. They may also be served after prior frying.
Sometimes, one may also come across baked dumplings, but they are made out of yeast cake and filled with kale and mushrooms, as well as with meat. They are frequently used as an addition to beetroot soup.

fried dumplings

Where to eat dumplings?

Dumplings are available in almost every restaurant offering its clients typically Polish meals. Depending on the type of restaurant and chosen type of filling, one serving (approx. 8 to 10 dumplings) should cost you 3-6 E.
If you do not know what to expect from dumplings or what filling to choose, we would like to recommend choosing a mix of them. Typically, you will be offered 12 dumplings in various tastes.
Restaurants specializing in serving dumplings are called „dumpling houses” (polish pierogarnia) – while visiting them, you may order not only the traditional food products described above, but also those more exotic ones. If you are in such a fine establishment, you may also be granted the opportunity of deciding whether you want your dumplings to be served boiled, fried, or baked.

Which dumplings are the best?

I would personally recommend opting for dumplings with meat stuffing, kale and mushrooms, as well as those with cheese and potatoes (which are referred to in Poland as Russian dumplings). What is more, it is highly advised to try both boiled and fried ones, as their taste will surely be notably different.
If you truly want to try traditional dumplings, go to small restaurants that are stylized to look like village huts. Meals are made on customer’s request from fresh, natural products there.

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