We are Monika and Przemek. FeelCracow was established with all the individuals willing to learn more about Cracow and its climate in mind. Regardless of how long you are going to stay in Cracow, thanks to our website you will always be able to check places worth visiting, spots perfect for shopping, as well as great food joints.
To be perfectly frank, we felt in love with the city and decided to move there 6 years ago. At FeelCracow, we show you Cracow as seen by the citizens, with the special focus being put on hangout spots and local cuisine. On the other hand, we were tourists just visiting the city not so long ago, so we know that may be of interest for tourists and what information they would like to find. We try our best to show you places and things that are not included in typical tour guides, in order to make your stay truly unique.

If you have not found info you have been looking for, feel free to contact us. We will gladly help you. Enjoy your stay in Cracow!

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