Ceramics from Boleslawiec

Our attention is drawn to characteristic, beautiful ceramics in the store windows – original, beautifully styled kitchen utensils such as plates, bowls, dishes, mugs and decorations. All items are hand-made.

These products come from a charming, small town located in western Poland and have been produced there since the 16th century. If you see these patterns once, you will recognise them in many places around the world. These ceramic products will be a great gift or souvenir from Cracow.

The offer includes something for both classic and modern design lovers. Products from Boleslawiec can be bought in several stores in the Old Town and surrounding area – on Grodzka, Slawkowska (we recommend shop on Slawkowska 11, because of the large selection) or Starowislna street. Prices are similar everywhere, so it’s worth checking out a few stores and looking for something that catches our attention.

ceramika boleslawiec

Prices depend on the size of the product and the type of decoration. Slightly cheaper are the ones decorated with the motif of stamps. Hand-painted ceramics with floral motifs are more expensive. Prices range from several zlotys for a simple egg cup to several hundred zlotys for the whole sets of dishes.

If you are looking for an opportunity, it is worth looking through products placed in baskets on the floor. There are usually products with small defects, which are often invisible – an error in the glazing of the dish, a scratch on the bottom, etc. The prices of such products are definitely lower.

Best shops with ceramics from Boleslawiec

Slawkowska 11 , Monday – Friday 10:00-7:00

Starowislna 33, Monday-Friday 10:00-6:00, Saturday 10:00-3:00

Slawkowska 14, Monday-Friday 10:00-6:00, Saturday 10:00-5:00

Grodzka 62, Monday-Friday 10:00-6:00

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