Krak/Krakus Mound

Krakus (Krak) Mound is situated in the Old Podgorze, Krzemionki area.

It is 16 m high and its diameter is equal to approximately 50 m. The Mound is located on a relatively large meadow, where numerous family picnics and sports events for the citizens are frequently organized.

Nearby the Mound, there is a closed Liban Quarry (on the right side), which was opened during the Second World War. It was the place where numerous scenes of the famous “Schindler’s List” were shot. The aforementioned place is, unfortunately, not available to tourists.

History of Krakus Mound

Let us, however, go back to the topic of the Mound. The date of its casting up and its predominant purpose remain unknown. Basing on the specificity of items found by experts nearby the Mound, the date of its erection is estimated to be the 7th century. Even though it was assumed that the structure had been used to bury Krak, the founder of Cracow, inside (according to Jan Dlugosz), excavation works did not confirm that assumption.
Krak Mound had been the place where deceased ones had been honored and cleansing rituals had been performed. To commemorate the said events, there is the so-called Rekawa – Sleeve Fair , which takes place on the first Tuesday after the Easter Day.  According to one of local legends, the name of the fair originated from sleeves in which people are believed to have been carrying sand to build the Mound in.

In the past, the citizens of the town gathered at the slope of the Mound and threw the remains of the Easter dinner down. Among such food items were cooked meats, eggs, and cakes.

Nowadays, during the fair – Rekawka, visitors can admire knight’s fighting tournament or purchase some souvenirs. It has to be indicated however, that the modern fairs are organized on the Lasota Hill rather than on the top of the Mound.

In the 19th century, the said structure became a part of city fortifications. It was surrounded with a moat and a high wall. What is more, there was a garrison in a close proximity to it.

We would like to recommend all the tourists to visit and climb the Mound, especially during a sunny day. The entrance is free of charge and after reaching the top, one can admire an astounding landscape of Cracow (both Kazimierz and Wawel are perfectly visible) and nearby mountains.

How to reach the Krak Mound?

The easiest way is to start from the Podgorski Market, go up the street, pass the church, and go to the footbridge above the ring road. From there, the Mound is perfectly visible and reaching it should not be a problem at all. While going there, one should also check out the Bednarski Park located in an old quarry, at the back of Saint Joseph Church.

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