Bike rental in Cracow

Cracow is a city full of beautiful spots and atmospheric places worth of seeing.

Why to rent a bike?

If you plan on visiting it for several days and you would also like to check out as many intriguing attractions as possible, you should consider renting a bike. It is a cheap and remarkably comfortable method of travelling from place to place.
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Bike rentals in Cracow

If you decide on renting a bicycle in one of the places located within the area of the Old Town or the Kazimierz District, you may choose between renting your vehicle on hourly or daily basis. The average price of borrowing a bike for three hours is 25 PLN. A whole day of rental costs 50 PLN and 48 hours – 80 PLN. While renting a mountain bike, you have to take into account the fact that its price may be 20 % higher than in the case of a traditional one.

The bikes for rent are typically in a decent technical condition and are equipped with a container (typically having the form of a basket) and a line. Almost every company specializing in bicycle rental offers its customers an additional chair for your baby or a bike helmet. Numerous firms of such kind also try to lure prospective customers with tandem bikes – the so-called bikes for two.

Services in bike rentals

Bike rental companies willing to make their offer more alluring introduced the possibility of sightseeing the most interesting places in the city with a guide while travelling on a bike. The price of such an attraction is 90 PLN per person. Numerous companies also deliver vehicles to the indicated spots (hotels, hostels, etc.). However, in the majority of cases, the said service is paid extra.
Students are offered 20-30 % off while renting bikes.
Rental places are typically open from 9 A.M. till 9 P.M. There is often no problem to communicate in English with the vendors or owners there.

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