Cracow bugle-call

The bugle call in Cracow

The bugle-call is played at every full hour, in all four directions. It is advised to plan one’s trip to Cracow in such a way to listen to the song at least once.

History of bugle call

Bugle-call is almost 600 years old and was played at midday in Cracow. Since 1927, it has been played at 12 A.M. by the Polish Radio I. While considering it to be a broadcast, it is the oldest one in the world.

The melody itself is 700 years old and ends abruptly. According to one of the local legends, it was played by a guard in order for the city gates to be closed or opened. It also warned the citizens about adversaries. When Tatars reached Cracow, the bugle-call was played by the guard to warn the inhabitants. The city was defended, but the brave guard was killed while playing. He was shot in the throat by one of attackers.

Who is the call played by currently?

Mainly by designated members of the local fire department. In the past, it was possible to distinguish them by taking into account their play style, but now it is almost impossible.
In 2015, the bugle-call was played by Chris Botti.

If you want to check how the call is played, you may always visit the following webpage:

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