Parking in Cracow

It has to be indicated that Cracow is not a friendly city for cars. It is hard to find parking spots there especially in the city center.

The said fact is mainly caused by historical reasons and architecture – both pavements and streets are relatively narrow.

Parking areas in Cracow

The center of the city, together with several adjacent districts, has been divided into 8 parking areas. In order to leave a car there, one has to pay. However, basing on my own experience, it is problematic to find any free spot anyway.

While travelling to Cracow by car, one has to consider booking an accommodation with a parking spot. The majority of hotels operating within the area have such places at their disposal (they are located both underground and in a close proximity to the object itself).

If you decide to book a stay in a private housing unit, such as a tenement house, you will be asked to leave your car on the nearby street, which may be connected with the necessity to pay for a parking spot and difficulties with finding any free space.

The entrance to each of the areas of the said kind is labeled with a proper sign. Parking there is paid between 10 A.M. and 8 P.M. on working days.

How much does parking in Cracow cost?

Rates are as follows: first hour of parking – 3 PLN, second hour – 3.50 PLN, third hour – 4.10 PLN, fourth hour and more – 3 PLN per hour. The minimum fee is equal to 1 PLN.

It has to be mentioned that while purchasing a parking ticket in a parking machine, you have to provide the registration number of your car. The ticket issued by the unit has to be placed behind the front window of the vehicle.

If you plan on visiting Cracow for several days in a row, it is much more advisable to purchase a parking packet via the Internet, on the website.  Instead of paying 30 PLN per day, you will pay only 25 PLN. Please note that the packet can be purchased no later than 3 days before its activation date.

While purchasing a ticket from the parking machine, you may always pay with coins but remember that the device does not return any change! .

At the moment, the city council tries to encourage both citizens and guests to take advantage of multi-level and underground parking spots, so you may sometimes find cheaper tickets there (like in Podgorze – Parking Korona)

Guarded Parking

If you are afraid to leave your car on the street, you may always consider leaving it on a guarded parking. The cost of such a service may vary, but depending on the owner, it may range from 30 to 50 PLN per day. Every hour of parking costs 3 PLN.

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