Where to sleep in Cracow?

Cracow is a hot tourist destination, which properly understands the needs of its visitors. While being there, you will find both expensive, exclusive accommodation spots and cheaper hostels. All of them are located in the city center or in a close proximity to it. Thanks to the said fact, you will not waste too much time reaching other tourist destinations.

Accomodation in Cracow

Cracow offers accommodations in hotels that are rated from * to ***** stars, apartments, and hostels.

Hotels in Cracow

The comfort of the rented room varies depending on the number of stars the place you stay in has been awarded with. *** are considered an acceptable standards. Standard ratings are not artificially lowered as it is the case of Italian accommodation spots.

Hotels are located in the city center, Kazimierz district, in the Stare Podgórze District and at the city outskirts. The price of renting a room for 2 people in an average hotel is approximately 160 PLN (40 E).

Apartaments in Cracow

Apartments are typically separate flats leased by private individuals. They are predominantly situated in the Old Town area. Their standard tend to vary (one may find both average and highly luxurious accommodation spots), and their price depends on their standard, the duration of stay, and the number of individuals interested.

The majority of apartments are equipped with a separate kitchen section, bathroom, and such accessories as towels, soap, and kitchen utensils. Details concerning the equipment are typically available at the webpage of each individual apartment. The said accommodation spots are in many cases located in tenement houses from 19th century.

Price per one-night stay in an apartment for 2 people oscillates around 150 PLN (37 E).

Hostels in Cracow

Hostels – they are less comfortable alternatives of hotels. They are perfectly suitable for less prosperous, young tourists. They frequently do not have a bathroom and each room is designed for more than one person.
Price per accommodation: approx. 120 PLN/2 people

Shelters – they are the least comfortable accommodation places. In many cases rooms are designed for a number of individuals and visitors have to pay extra for bedding. While choosing this type of accommodation, you have to prior check what the price includes and specify if the shelter is not open on specific hours, such as from 8 to 10 A.M. and then – from 6 to 10 P.M.

In both hostels and hotels, there should be no problem with communicating in English. The majority of such places also incorporate maps with tourist destinations indicated. If you happen to have any problems, you may always ask how to reach a particular attraction or the city center.

Price for stay in all of the aforementioned places is dependent on standard and the distance from the city center. If you want to find a cheap place to stay while at the same time enjoying the beauty of Cracow, try looking for a spot in Stare Podgórze District. It is located approximately 20 minutes by foot from most important tourist attractions, and accommodation prices are notably lower than those in the city center.

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